H. 2017 Proposed Grand Lodge Resolutions

2017 Resolution #4 Index

4A    Explanation of Grand Lodge Master’s  “arrest” of the charter of Sycamore Lodge #129 and reason the ruling must be vacated. See Resolution 4A here.

4B    Explanation of source of $275,063.43 funds.  See Resolution 4B here.

4C  The first $238,403.39 would be devoted to paying off the note. See Resolution 4C here.

4D   Explanation of returning balance of $36,660.04.   See Resolution 4D here.

4E   Explanation of returning interest payments made since 2016 Sessions totaling $8,780.11.  See Resolution 4E here.

4F    Explanation of reason funds to be returned to Sycamore Lodge #129. See Resolution 4F here.

4G    Explanation of reason the lodge building must be returned to Sycamore Lodge #129.  See Resolution 4G here.

4H   Explanation of appointment of agent to execute reconveyance deed to real property.  See Resolution 4H here.

4I    Explanation of return of personal property by Mission Peak #114 to Sycamore Lodge #129. See Resolution 4I here.

4J    Explanation of returning assets by Grand Lodge to Sycamore Lodge #129. See Resolution 4J here.



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