Lodge Projects & Events

Sycamore Lodge has a process that allows any two or more lodge members to move forward with proposed lodge “projects”.

3 O’Clock Jump big band performance

Once two members declare they would like to be a committee and are interested in pursuing a particular project, the project goes onto the lodge list of projects. That committee is then empowered to move forward with their project.

Regular written (or verbal) committee reports are expected to be given to other lodge members at the monthly business meetings. If the project requires any funding, the committee can complete a Funding Application.

Here is a list of the current approved lodge projects – yes, there are a lot of them!  Not all of them are active, however, as we need more people to help turn them into reality.

2019 ORGANIC PROJECT COMMITTEE LIST (Chair listed first unless noted)

1.  Young Musicians Chamber Music Recital Project Committee  –  Cathy O’Connor, Ted Seitz, Cindy Lewis

2.  Music and Art in the Park Concert Series Project Committee– Ben Goulart, co-chair, Frank Goulart, co-chair, Gary Howe, Dave Barry, Steve Schaefer


3  Lodge Meeting Dinner Project Committee –  2019 Vice Grand Howard Pugh, Gary Howe, Frank Goulart, Laura Brady

4.  Email Newsletter Project Committee –  Julie Machado, Frank Goulart

5.  Saturday 3OJ rehearsal Project Committee  –  Gus Wedemeyer,  Laura Brady,


6.  First Sunday Good Fellowship Jam Project Committee –  Frank Goulart, Gary Howe

7.  Tuesday Hypnotones rehearsal night Project Committee –  Ben Goulart, John Ojeda

8.  Live Initiation Team Instruction Project Committee – Frank Goulart, Gary Howe, Ben Goulart, Ted Seitz, Dave Barry, Rick Bragge, Laura Brady, Cheryl Kojina, Howard Pugh


9.  La Honda Music Camp Project Committee –  Marvin Bowerman, Julie Machado

10.  Odyssey of the Mind Project Committee –  Frank Goulart, Julie Machado

11.  Costume and Halloween Party Project Committee – Kevin McNair, Cheryl Kojina

12.  Young Muralist Project Committee –  Ben Goulart, Frank Goulart

13.  Thursday What’s Up Big Band rehearsal Project Committee –  Mike Dee , Frank Goulart

14.  Records Survey of the Lodge Project Committee –   Frank Goulart, Dave Barry

15.  Project Legacy Committee –   Julie Machado, Frank Goulart

16.  Chess Club and Chess Tournament Project Committee –  Kerry Lawless, Frank Goulart

17.  Christmas Caroling  Project Committee –  Frank Goulart, Sherman Lewis, Ted Seitz

18.  Tombstone Project Committee –  Al Murdach, Rick Bragge

19.  Sycamore 129 Blues Band Third Sunday rehearsal Project Committee –  Gary Howe, Steve Schaefer

20.  Pre-New Year’s Party Project Committee  –  Julie Machado, Laura Brady.

21.  Peace and Pizza Project Committee  –  Stephania Widger, Dave Seigel

22.  Sycamore Recording Studio Project Committee –  Dillon Pratt, Frank Goulart, Ben Goulart, Gary Howe, Ron Rose

23.  Beatles-Beach Boys Project Committee  –  Frank Goulart, Gary Howe


24.  Home Brew Beer Project Committee  –  Stephania Widger, Julie Machado

25.  TLC Project Committee  –  Valerie Snart, Julie Machado

26.  MakerSpace Project Committee  –  Carl Gorringe, Frank Goulart

27.  Healing Arts Project Committee  –  Kelly Dillow, Julie Machado, Lorna Vierra

28.  Umbrella Social Group Project Committee  –  Cindy Lewis, Julie Machado, Kelly Dillow

29.  Acoustic Dampening Exploration Project Committee – Howard Pugh, Tom Silva

30.  Visual Arts Committee – Howard Pugh, Valerie Snart

2017 Young Chamber Music Participants




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