Lodge Projects & Events

Sycamore Lodge has a process that allows any two or more lodge members to move forward with proposed lodge “projects”.


Once two members declare they would like to be a committee and are interested in pursuing a particular project, the project goes onto the lodge list of projects. That committee is then empowered to move forward with their project.

Regular written (or verbal) committee reports are expected to be given to other lodge members at the monthly business meetings. If the project requires any funding, the committee can complete a Funding Application.

Here is a list of the current approved lodge projects – yes, there are a lot of them!  Not all of them are active, however, as we need more people to help turn them into reality.

2017 ORGANIC PROJECT LIST, WITH THE PROVISION THAT this list be an organic list, defined as a list that could be added to by the Lodge at any regular meeting of the Lodge. 


1. Sixth Annual Young Musicians Chamber Music Recital Project – Cathy O’Connor, Ted Seitz

2.. Eighth Annual Sunday Music and Art in the Park Series Project (Memorial Park aka Plunge) (Sundays August – September) would involve odd fellow bands (that is, band’s with at least one odd fellow as a member) headlining with opening acts (or maybe the other way around as approved), art shown on the fences and in tents, dancers, thespian production, chess matches, HARD would allow donations to local 501 c 3 non-profits, and food would be provided by food donations to the local non-profit partner and odd fellows for the participants – concert series committee – Frank Goulart, Ben Goulart, Gary Howe, Dave Barry, Steve Schaefer


3. Eighth Annual Celebration of our Lodge’s founding in 1866 Project – 151st Anniversary Dinner (Oct 30) – Frank Goulart, Julie Machado.

4. Eighth Annual Dinners before Lodge meetings Project – 2015 Vice Grand Gary Howe, Frank Goulart


5. Eighth Annual Email Newsletter Project – Julie Machado, Frank Goulart

6. Eighth Annual Saturday rehearsal Project – 3 o’clock jump – Gus Wedemeyer, Laura Brady,

7. Eighth Annual First Sunday Good Fellowship jam Project – Frank Goulart, Gary Howe

8. Eighth Annual Tuesday rehearsal night Project – Ben Goulart, John Ojeda

9. Seventh Annual Live Initiation Team Project – present a live initiation at the second meeting in April and the second meeting in October. Rehearsals scheduled for Mondays, March 30, 2015, April 6, 2015, and April 20, 2015 for the April 25, 2015 Initiation and Mondays, September 28, 2015, October 5, 2015 and October 19, 2015 for the October 24, 2015 initiation. ALL MEMBERS INVITED TO ATTEND; THIRD DEGREE MEMBERS URGED TO PARTICIPATE. Instruction Committee – Frank Goulart, Gary Howe, Ben Goulart, Elaine McCreedy, Danny Honniball, Ted Seitz, Dave Barry

10. Sixth Annual Dining Club Project – Cheryl Kojina, Kevin McNair

11. Seventh Annual La Honda Music Camp Project – Marvin Bowerman, Julie Machado


12. Sixth Annual Odyssey of the Mind Project – Frank Goulart, Julie Machado

13. Fifth Annual Hiking Club Project – Al Murdach, Frank Goulart

14. Sixth Annual Costume and Halloween Party Project – Kevin McNair, Cheryl Kojina

15. Fifth Annual Young Muralist Project – Ben Goulart, Frank Goulart


16. Fifth Annual Thursday rehearsal Project – What’s Up Big Band – Mike Dee , Frank Goulart

17. Jazz Jam Night Project – Kevin McNair, Cheryl Kojina

18. Survey the paperwork and records of the lodge Project – Frank Goulart, Dave Barry

19. Project Legacy – plant a tree each year – Julie Machado, Frank Goulart

20. Chess Club and Chess Tournament Project – Kerry Lawless, Frank Goulart


21. Voluntary Accessibility Upgrade Project – Frank Goulart, Jens Dill, Al Murdach, Mike Dee

22. Writing Project – chair Doug Sprague, Frank Goulart

23. Knitting club Project – Barbara Jervis, Renee Rettig

24. Odd Fellows UN Pilgrimage Project – Frank Goulart, Julie Machado

25. Open House Project – Barbara Jervis, Julie Machado

26. Massage Therapy Workshop Project – John Ojeda, Ben Goulart

27. Christmas Caroling Project – Sherman Lewis, Ted Seitz

28. Small Group Youth Jazz Project – Ted Seitz, Ann Seitz

29. Street Party Booth Project – Barbara Jervis, Rick Bragge

30. Tombstone Project – Al Murdach, Rick Bragge

31. Salvation Army Bell Ringing Project – Paul Hodges, Dennis Waespi

32. Second Annual Friday night rehearsal Project – Samantha Campbell, Frank Goulart

33. PFLAG Project – Brandon Brock, Julie Machado, Jens Dill

34. MFT Networking Project – Julie Machado, Marvin Bowerman

35. Hayward Lawyers Club Luncheon Project – Frank Goulart, Julie Machado

36. Sycamore 129 Blues Band Third Sunday rehearsal Project – Gary Howe, Steve Schaefer

37. Second Saturday Evening Concert Series Project – Dave Barry, Frank Goulart

38. Neighborhood Alliance Project – Frank Goulart, Julie Machado, Audrey, Sherman, Mimi

39. Game Room Stage and Acoustic Treatment Project – Ben Goulart, Frank Goulart


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