New Member Recruitment Drive!
We are currently recruiting for new members!
We are looking for people who:
• Enjoy fellowship and working with others
• Wish to carry forth in Friendship, Love & Truth (the Odd Fellows motto)
• Appreciate our historic building
• Want to create or help with projects such as concerts, lodge dinners, open houses, etc. (add your project!)
• Respect traditions of a long-standing organization
• Want to make themselves and their community a better place

Membership has a number of benefits, such as:
• Opportunities to work on or participate in projects or fun events, such as dinners, socials, concerts, hiking, etc.
• Friendly faces to get to know, as new “brothers and sisters”
• Monthly Sycamore Dinners (before lodge meeting), regular Socials/Events
• People and space to support your own project proposal
• Access to nationwide and worldwide Odd Fellows projects and benefits, such as scholarships, United Nations project, Rose Bowl Float project, etc.
• Establish “brothers and sisters” nationwide and worldwide, who have in common the traditions of Odd Fellows

Sycamore yearly dues are $70; check must accompany the application.

It is a bit of a project to join: we are a democratic organization, so we will vote on whether to accept a membership application.  This vote will be at a monthly business meeting. Prior to this vote, we will have a small committee interview  the applicant so that we can see if the applicant will “play well with others”.

If the applicant is voted in, he/she will be invited to an “Initiation” ceremony, where he/she will learn about some of the teachings of Odd Fellows and will learn the secret password. The initiation ceremony is one of the traditions of the Odd Fellows. Sycamore Lodge #129 generally holds live initiations twice a year, usually in Spring and Fall.

In the meantime, we welcome potential applicants and guests to join us for dinner before our business meeting and/or any of our events or projects – it is nice to get to know each other to see if our lodge is a good match for you!

Questions or need an application? Contact Secretary Frank Goulart at


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