A. Overview

Sycamore Lodge #129 was originally instituted in Hayward on October 30, 1866 and operated  continuously until November 13, 2006, when Grand Master Robert Bareilles arrested the Charter of Sycamore Lodge #129  and all assets of Sycamore Lodge #129 were taken by Grand Lodge.  The Charter was restored to Sycamore Lodge #129 and Sycamore Lodge #129 was reinstituted on April 17, 2010.

We soon discovered the Lodge Hall was in need of replacing both heaters, repairs to the leaking roof, and repairs to the peeling lead-based paint that had to be fixed because of a City of Hayward Community Preservation citation.  The Grand Lodge Board of Directors approved a line of credit at 5.75% interest, to be paid by Sycamore Lodge #129, to make repairs on the Lodge Hall.

This may sound silly to pay for repairs on a building we did not own, but we were continually told that after a probationary period of five years, they wanted to give the building back to us.  We also realized that our Lodge Hall was not accessible to the disabled and needed an elevator, wheel chair lift to the dining room and an accessible bathroom.

Sycamore Lodge #129 requested a grant from the Grand Lodge Board of Directors.  At its meeting of June 9, 2012, the Grand Lodge Board of Directors denied the grant request, stating grants are not available.

August 8, 2012 Sycamore Lodge #129 requested a loan from Grand Lodge for the elevator project, which the Grand Lodge Board of Directors voted to refer to the Investment Committee to make a final decision.  At the next Board of Directors meeting on October 6, 2012, it was announced that the project could proceed with a loan of up to $250,000 from Grand Lodge at 6% interest. Sycamore Lodge #129 took a loan from Grand Lodge to make necessary improvements to the Lodge Hall and signed a note for the loan in 2015.

Because the Charter was restored to Sycamore Lodge #129, the membership of Grand Lodge at the 2016 Sessions was authorized by Code to restore all assets.  At 2016 Sessions, the Grand Lodge Membership voted 91-54 to approve Resolution #4, to “restore all assets to Sycamore Lodge #129”.  To date, no assets have been restored.  Several appeals have ensued.  A new series of Resolutions has been prepared to be presented to the Membership at the 2017 Sessions.

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