E. Documentation of Sycamore Assets

The links below document the assets taken  from Sycamore #129 in 2006 by Grand Lodge.   Assets include: liquid assets, real property, records for cemetery plots, a 1861 31-star American Flag, and Civil War Uniform of Charles S. Eigenbrodt.

  1. Copy of page 41 of the 2007 Proceedings – shows the surrendered funds at $275,063.43.
  2. Copy of pages 30 and 31 of the 2008 Proceedings – shows the surrendered funds at $244,663.31
  3. Copy of marked pages 32-33 of the 2010 Proceedingsthis is the page that the Grand Treasurer Jay Johnson used to argue at sessions that the “surrendered amount” was $257,088.91 and that it needed to be reduced by $77,000 because of the contributions made to the Education Fund and the Beneficial Fund.
  4. Follow the Money – A report by Frank Goulart of account balances from per capita reports, lodge minutes and Proceedings of the Grand Lodge for Sycamore Lodge 1981-1990 and 2006-2016.
  5. Grand Treasurer’s position at Sessions 2016 and at the June 2016 Grand Lodge Board’s Investment Committee Meeting as to Sycamore #129 assets
  6. Grant Deed to Grand Lodge recorded Oct. 20, 2009
  7. The Flag – A report by Frank Goulart detailing his research, interactions and discussions regarding a certain 31 star American flag that came to Sycamore Lodge when Crusade Lodge #93 of Alvarado consolidated with Sycamore Lodge on October 13, 1947 and which flag now hangs at Mission Peak Lodge #114 in Fremont.
  8. Charles S. Eigenbrodt: Alvarado Civil War Hero – The story of the Crusade Lodge #93’s founder who raised a calvary unit from California to fight in the Civil War.  His battle flag and uniform are now at Mission Peak Lodge #114 in Fremont.

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